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IFC/World Bank Izmir, Turkey Display

Location: Washington, DC


IFC/ World Bank

Client Needs

The International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group

(IFC), wanted to showcase their planning investment projects in Izmir, Turkey.

A consultant at the IFC, reached out to ABC Imaging (a global printing and

technology company) with the goal of showcasing IFC projects in a way that

the public could easily understand.  ABC Imaging built for the World Bank,

a 3D model of the Turkish city that identified IFC’s investments made in Izmir

over the past decade.

ABC Imaging Solution

Great 3D models starts with file preparation, getting the clients data ready for

3D printing.  The IFC had obtained city building data from officials in Turkey but

that information was incomplete because it did not include important features

such as the city roadways, details of the seaport or, an important and iconic

landmark within the city, the Izmir clock tower.

ABC Imaging was able to compile the additional needed information from sources,

such as Google Earth, SketchUp 3D Warehouse and CADMapper. That data was

combined, by ABC 3D Specialists, with the IFC provided building data to create

a comprehensive model file.

Once compiled, the ABC 3D team went to work enhancing details, scaling,

and preparing the model file so it could be 3D printed.  ABC’s Digital fabrication

experts also created a custom wood display to appreciably make the model stand out.

The wood display was built with engineered plywood to give it a convex shape.

A CNC router machine was used to cut precise shapes into the wood.


This 3D model showcases the impact of investments in the city and also reflects the

monumental accomplishments that IFC has brought to the foreign nation. IFC is one of many examples of how modern technology and printing intersect to create valuable associations that are difficult at best to realize in a 2D rendering.

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