3D Printing

the technology, people, and expertise to bring your vision to life

We have the people and experience to realize your vision.

From creation to installation, we harness the latest

technologies to ensure your brand consistency.

We have the technology, people, and experience to bring

your vision to life. With our state-of-the-art equipment,

we print or scan your 3D project, and develop your prototype
with accuracy and speed. Each prototype is built with

precision and working components. 

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Architectural Models

3D printing is perfect for architectural models, engineering

design, prototypes, city planning and more!

Create impressive interior and exterior architectural designs

on a small scale. Include topographical features and precise

detail. Develop presentations and iteration studies quickly

and cost-effectively.

If your file is not already prepped for 3D, no worries we

will work with your existing CAD files.


Custom Prototypes
& Models

From scaled replicas to figurines, our team of creative
professionals and 3D experts can print your custom

models with unrivaled detail and color. 


Use 3D printing to work out design flaws with your

industrial prototypes and avoid costly rework.


Don’t have a 3D file? We can work with your

2D files, drawings, or even hand drawn sketches.

Specialty Services

Accurate models and prototypes depend on setting

up your 3D file correctly. We work with clients to prep

their existing CAD and BIM design files for 3D printing.

When you don't have the time or resources, we can help.

We can create 3D model files from your 2D CAD files

drawings, or sketches. Contact our 3D team to get started.


Topographical Features

Enhance your 3D models and prototypes using laser cutting and CNC milling which adds precise details such as

  • Topography

  • Sea Ports

  • Roads and Transport Routes

  • Elevation

  • Terrain

  • Custom Engraving 

We can also create custom stands and packing to display your models and transport them to where you need them.


3D Printing Equipment

We offer both on-demand 3D printing services as well as 3D equipment sales and leasing programs. We have relationships with a variety of industry leaders in the 3D printing space to provide discounted prices and premier access to the latest technology - including the brand new Form 3 3D printer from Formlabs and the full line of Ultimaker 3D devices.

Not all 3D printing jobs are created equal. That's why we use a variety of different 3D printing technologies to ensure your job is completed to your exact specifications:


Stereolithography – more commonly referred to as SLA 3D printing – is one of the most popular and widespread techniques in the world

  • It works by using a high-powered laser to harden liquid resin that is contained in a reservoir to create the desired 3D shape. In a nutshell, this process converts photosensitive liquid into 3D solid plastics in a layer-by-layer fashion using a low-power laser and photopolymerization.

  • SLA is one of three primary technologies adopted in 3D printing, together with fused deposition modeling (FDM) and CJP. It belongs to the resin 3D printing category.

Color Jet Printing (CJP) onto composite powder:

  • Full-color 3D printers

  • Accurately solidified layer by layer  


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) on to ABS plastics:


  • Extrude and fuse thermoplastics to build clean and durable models

  • Support materials allowing for the creation of fine details and overhangs

  • Perfect for evaluating buildings, structures, shapes, and other concepts

Digital Fabrication Service 

  • CNC Milling, Laser Cutting, and 3D building services 

  • Create custom sites, enclosures, and engagements 

  • Build on materials such as chipboard, MDF, and acrylics


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