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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Location: Washington, DC

Completion Date: March 2018

Client Needs

A large New York architectural firm was commissioned to design a futuristic skyscraper for the downtown financial district. Their client requested multiple designs for review and the architect used graphic renderings and digitally generated Building Information Modeling (BIM) to convey their concepts. This style of presentation was good but made it difficult to get a sense of how the new building design fit into the surrounding architecture. The architect reached out to ABC Imaging’s 3D Print Services to develop a better solution for presenting the design.

ABC Imaging Solution

Working closely with the architect’s BIM team, ABC Imaging set out to replicate a miniature version of the financial district with a realistic 3D printed model of the proposed building. The concept building was created as a modular unit where the architect could easily change out the design and showcase it within the existing architecture. The new 3D printed model presentation enabled everyone to visualize the project’s conceptual design as well as better understand scale, impact, and aesthetics within the environment. The 3D model helped aid the community board’s decision on which design would best fit into their downtown landscape without guesswork.


ABC Imaging's 3D print services clients get an experienced team that can problem-solve their project from start to finish. They can work with any file from a simple sketch to a complex wireframe.

Clients save time and money by getting their cost-effective 3D models and

display solutions from a single source.

With 3D printing, clients can better convey their concepts and visualize how the project will fit into existing architecture, meet community board requirements and

make decisions without costly guesswork or rework.

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