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Office Supplies

ABC Imaging stocks specialty office supplies for all your office needs. We make these supplies available to

customers through an automated service. Our experience managing sites with state-of-the-art printers enables

us to assist you in selecting your next copier or printer.

If you have an ABC Imaging account, use the Supplies sign in page to order supplies. If you would like to purchase,
please contact our Purchasing Department by phone at 202.429.8870, or by email at

ABC Imaging is a licensed dealer of AE supplies


National / Azon media has been a preferred reprographics product for many years and ABC Imaging is proud to use and supply these premium quality products.


Like ABC Imaging, Alvin & Company is committed to meeting high expectations for service and product selection. By serving today's needs – and tomorrow's – for graphic arts, drafting, and fine arts products – we ensure lasting relationships with all of our customers, whether a one-time purchaser or regular user of Alvin products.

Dietzgen American

ABC Imaging and Dietzgen offer
a complete line of quality wide format media, including coated
and uncoated engineering papers. Dietzgen media is available in both rolls and sheets for all large format and wide format reprographic needs.

ABC Imaging Carries All Major Paper Brands in Stock

  • Xerox

  • HP

  • Hammermill

  • Boise

  • Mohawk

  • Classic Crest

  • 3M

  • Mead

ABC Imaging is a licensed dealer of printers from:

ABC Imaging thinks you should capture every opportunity. With the changing role of print, the internet, email, mobile, social media, omnichannel and near-field communications are playing bigger roles in the product mix. That means new intersections are cropping up between print and digital media.

That’s why ABC Imaging offers the latest technology, ultra-efficient workflow solutions, effective business development tools—and a proven partner who can help you through it all.

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