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Case Studies

Learn more about how ABC Imaging Products & Services can help your business or organization succeed. Read more by downloading our latest Case Studies.

Fed Ex

See how ABC Imaging clients have

realized a 30% cost savings in both

indirect and direct costs

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pan reached out to ABC

Imaging to provide a single source

solution throughout the U.S.

3D Problem Solving

ABC Imaging 3D services team
can solve 3D Projects from start
to finish.

Saturday Night Live

Working in unison with the client design team, ABC Imaging provided consultation on various graphic offerings for the 3-floor exhibit


Create delivery signage workflow

for individual departments at the

various client cities.

3D Printing

ABC Imaging’s 3D Services builds

impactful models and presentation of our client’s designs and concepts.


Provides daily New York riders with a light enjoyable visual as they enter or leave Manhattan’s busy Midtown.


ABC Imaging Developed a program and ideas for a creative and flexible work space.


ABC Imaging helps to create

unique and enhanced user


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