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ABC Imaging Brings SPONGE BOB to Life

Location:  Dover Street Market, New York

Completion Date: March 2018



Client Needs

Quickly design/fabricate /assemble a giant Sponge Bob/Square Pants

visual for full retail display as part of a major sales initiative.

ABC Imaging Solution

VANs released a SpongeBob Square Pants special edition shoe line with a premier

at Dover Street Market New York. Peeq Imaging worked closely with VANs design

team to bring an eye-catching in-store display to life. It is projects like these that

prove the importance of the initial ideation, brainstorming and strategy sessions.

The highlights of this project are in the details – 2,015 yellow squares, suspended

cubes and custom paint matching are just a couple worth mentioning.


When we are working with launches, premiers and events, expectations and

deadlines need to be met. Having a team that can manage a project with the

client from ideation phases through on-site execution is imperative.

Materials Used 

MDF Board, PVC, HDU, vinyl graphics, custom color matching and painting.

Equipment Used 
CNC Router, laser cutter, paint booth, ZUND and custom install.

Results and Success

Vans management received great feedback from visitors and internal management, The final display excited the Vans shopping experience assisting the success of the

Sponge Bob product roll out. The new Collection sold out in the first two days!

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