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Prototyping & Packaging

One package. A thousand possibilities.

The worlds of art and precision meet at‭ ‬the mechanical phase when we bring design‭ ‬intent to life‭. ‬From ads to packaging‭, ‬we manage design concept development‭ ‬to final execution‭, ‬ensuring that your files are perfect and ready for production‭. To tour the shop please

reach out to

Our Work

Color Matching

We are experts at color matching. Our services include: custom color development, density transparency, additives, metallic particles, pearl essence, spot varnishes, iridescent, fluorescence; You’re in the best place to start, now let’s get started!


Carton Comps

We maintain a full inventory of carton SBS coated and uncoated stocks as well as metallic foil boards. If mechanical artwork is

not available, we can implement your design files into dielines, trim and score with reinforced paneling for durability.

Gift Packaging

Folding display cartons, set up boxes, knock down gift boxes.

We’ll research materials and engineer functionality, we'll send you samples for review and revisions, handle product inserts, foam cushioning, and fulfillment.

All that!

Shrink Wrap

We print shrink wrap sleeves to apply on aluminum cans: purchased cans, supplied  cans, empty or filled CANS!  And, many other structures such as bottles, cups, ceramic shapes, etc. We have also the capability to adjust art for distortion and adjust and balance color areas where structure concentrates substrate and

affects color. 


Apply design direct to product.

You can provide bottles or we can source for you. Bottle comps include inks and foils applied directly to bottles and closures vacuum sealed and deco’d with your supplied art, color spec’s

and finishes.

Beauty Comps

Maximize your time in front of

the camera! We can help you with basic edits, remove and recenter elements that benefit your expensive production time! 

Also, we can manage lighting

issues with beautiful non-glare satin finishes.

Custom Spray Work

Our Comping team can

provide custom spray and

airbrush work. We spray solid

color, transparency, metallic, foilized, matte or glossy, gradients, custom color or match your sample, please provide components and we’ll handle

the rest!

Brass Emboss Plates

One of our most desired  and coveted services....A SIGNATURE ITEM!  brass embossing plates 

with hand detailing and counter.  Let us be inspired to consider an era of craftsmanship gone by.

“andato via per sempre” 

amid the soaring heights of 

our imagination.

Bottle Comps

We communicate (and we listen) to fully understand every project and determine the best methods to create your comps: (labels, shrink, etc.)  We can ship empty, sealed bottles fully decorated with re-positionable fully decorated caps. Send us bottles or we can source and send samples for your approval. 

Production Samples

Packaging designers need an 

absolute and realistic look at final 

production without “over promising”:  we can simulate the processes of your production printers. and work directly with your team matching color samples on actual substrates to provide realistic comps. KEEP IT REAL!

Tube & Pouch Comps

We have most tubes in stock but 

you may have something special 

(we want that!)  We can strip, crimp, empty, fill and fully deco tubes and spray caps, nozzles, applicators, etc. We can fill with simulated product or actual supplied products as well.



Sales Samples

When you have finally finished 

tweaking copy, changing images 

and finished developing comps 

for marketing approval and now 

you are ready to get these to the 

sales teams....We can handle the large runs 500 -1000+ we’ll handle 

packing and shipping.

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