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Location:  New York, New York

Completed: September 2019

Client Needs:

Coach wanted to create a unique pop-up store in its flagship NYC location for Fall 2019 Fashion Week. To accomplish this, ABC Imaging worked with Stefan Beckman and Creative Engineering to deliver a custom wood environment with imagery printed directly to the wood surface. 

ABC Imaging Solution:

ABC's expert fabrication team based out of Carlstadt, NJ provided 207 individual pieces of 4x8 plywood to cover nearly every surface of the store, using 1/4-inch thick boards to cover the walls and 1/2-inch thick boards to cover the floors. With precision down to 1/16th of an inch, the custom wooden boards were cut to exact specifications to ensure a seamless fit in-store.


To accomplish the variety of unique graphical elements displayed in-store, ABC Imaging printed directly to the wood surface using VUTEk flatbed 3-meter presses. Printing directly to the wood allowed the store to maintain aesthetic consistency while also accomplishing visual and branding-related goals.

With only a week left until the scheduled opening date, ABC worked for 7 days straight - from the Friday before Labor Day all the way through the day of the installation - to deliver the materials. When the last piece was put into place in the store, there was only 1 hour left until it was scheduled to open.

This was truly a unique and memorable project that required a large amount of collaborative effort -- ABC Imaging is proud to have been a part of this initiative for Coach alongside Creative Engineering and Stefan Beckman.

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