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Vans SpongeBob Retail Display

Location:  Dover Street Market, New York

Completion Date: March 2018

Client needs

Create full retail display for Vans Shoes SpongeBob Squarepants Collection

ABC Imaging Solution

ABC Imaging’s Interactive and Fabrication division provides both a diverse

and complimentary overlap of intellectual knowledge base and skillset

that allows us to create visually engaging solutions. 

We specialize in managing and creating immersive experiences, helping organizations, institutions, and brands visually tell their stories. Offering

services that are tailored to  the unique needs of clients allowing new

ways to communicate with targeted audiences through custom

fabrication builds, interactive technology, and the execution of strategy.

By aligning ourselves alongside the client during the ideation phase, we become a reliable resource and integral part of their team. Beginning with 3D renderings

for the conceptual stages and moving to project execution and implementation,

our team delivers solutions ranging from projection mapping and cinematic

virtual reality to custom fabricated structures and signage.


Results and Success

Vans has received lots of compliments internally at as well as from it's consumers,

it was shared on social media as well as within the sneaker community.  Since SpongeBob is part of our Vault Program we only offer a limited supply to our

wholesalers with the hopes of selling out, this store in particular sold out in

the first two days, which is fantastic.

Client Testimonial

"I just want to say thank you to you and your team for doing such an excellent

job on fabrication and install of the SpongeBob display for Dover Street Market in New York, it truly came out better than expected.  When we stepped away for a bit on the install to give your team some breathing room I did not expect to return to

a display that was basically complete, I thought we had a longer night ahead of

us so that was a pleasant surprise.  Ive had to hold hands and walk past companies

through installs so this experience was again, better than I had anticipated."

-Brad Hanna, Vans

Enviromental Design Project Manager

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