How to use video to effectively promote your business

Why Video? Reach your customers in the format they’re most used to seeing: Americans on average spend more than 10 hours per day or just about two thirds of their waking hours looking at some kind of screen. With more and more of our media consumption coming from digital sources, the fact of the matter is this: if you’re not effectively reaching out to your customers through digital media, you are missing out on business. All of the time Americans spend viewing digital media presents a great marketing opportunity for businesses and one of the best ways to capitalize on that time is through video content. Take Facebook for example; much of their $500 billion business is based around providing

ABC Imaging Awarded Top Provider of Managed Print Services

ABC Imaging was selected by CIO Review Magazine as one of the top Managed Print Services (MPS) providers in the industry. ABC's MPS program takes the burden of commercial printing and printer maintenance and support off our clients by offering complete turnkey solutions - including our powerful cost-recovery software, which allows our clients to capture and assign all their printing and shipping expenses to specific projects for client invoicing.


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