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Step and Repeat

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Display your sponsors

A stage and repeat flag is a backdrop scenery utilized principally for occasion photography, printed with some kind of branding for the sponsor.  That brand logos or symbols are obvious in photos of the people standing in front of it for the opportunity photoshoot. Step and rehash pennants are basic installations of red carpet events and launch occasions, or specially printed for weddings or celebrations with a specific end goal to give a more "big name like" feel to participants' photographs.

The primary use for step and rehashes is mark events with a consistent backdrop for still photography. Sellers may charge a sponsorship expense for a logo to be shown or for the organization name to be included out of sight. The thought is that the photographs will be shared through different stages causing an expansive influence in impressions. All the more as of late, advance and rehash standards are being utilized all the more generally in and not only for Hollywood style occasions. They can likewise be seen at public expos, traditions, demo days.

May I Help You?

Our Expert Staff is standing 
by and waiting to assist you.

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