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ABC Imaging Partners with Macerich and CBL Properties for Retail Enclosure Systems

ABC Imaging is proud to announce its partnerships with Macerich and CBL Properties to become both companies' exclusive national provider of modular walls.

Through these partnerships, ABC Imaging now supplies 148 of the largest and most exclusive malls, shopping centers, and retail properties in the US with its temporary modular enclosure systems. With locations spread across 33 states, ABC Imaging's global presence allows it to offer continuous support to locations ranging from metropolitan centers like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. to more rural locations in North Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah.

ABC's temporary modular walls are reusable, recyclable, and engineered to function in settings ranging from conventional shopping center storefronts to kiosks, exterior sites, airports, and more. They provide property owners and developers an incredibly versatile tool while also remaining environmentally friendly and maintaining 100% landfill avoidance. Learn more.

In addition to the walls themselves, ABC Imaging is able to leverage its extensive experience in the graphics industry to provide unparalleled imagery in conjunction with its barricade systems. See some recent examples of our work below:


For specific information about how modular wall systems can be used in your property, contact us.

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