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3D Models - Helping General Contractors Improve Project Coordination

General Contractors constantly face the challenge of communicating and coordinating all aspects of construction projects, involving various stakeholders, subcontractors and vendors. The larger the project the more moving parts and the greater the risk that missteps could lead to significant cost overruns and rework if communications are not clear and concise.

Recently the Whiting Turner Contracting Company worked with ABC Imaging to collaborate in combining several elements of ABC’s Imaging’s 3D Services including 3D printing and CNC milling. Together we created a 3D model of the site with interchangeable existing and proposed site features with the intention of helping the team visualize and make final building placement decisions.

To create a more effective communication tool, the 3D model was laminated with dry erase material, allowing the team to use it as a whiteboard. This enabled the team to quickly markup utilities and other construction information, which leads to a more effective use of time and efficient decision-making regarding timelines and synchronization of tasks with various parties involved during coordination meetings.

The Whiting Turner Visual Design manager, who collaborated on the project with ABC Imaging, said,

“The model is a very powerful tool to convey the construction narrative. It shows holistically how the final version works together.”

ABC Imaging’s full service and collaborative approach to A/E/C 3D modeling provides innovative solutions and a value add to the team of stakeholders, subcontractors and vendors engaged in the construction planning process.

Our process begins with a project review to make sure we understand the scope, timeline and budget of your project. Key factors to our success include state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment as well as the 3D printing specialists who are experts in the software used to create and prepare the design files for modeling. Our 3D printing specialists are also experienced in all aspects of fabrication including laser cutting, CNC milling, woodworking and material fabrication. All factors which are critical for professional presentation of the 3D models as well as transportation of completed models to the presentation.

But our capabilities don’t stop there. ABC Imaging can provide a full array of services by combining the capabilities of its Graphics and Grand Format departments. We can use these in-house teams to add graphics, landscapes and building footprints on a variety of substrates such as vinyl, dry erase laminates, acrylics, fabrics and other materials.

Other examples of how ABC Imaging’s 3D team can help create effective communication models include:

  • Explanation of options for placing building and other sites in combination with slopes and grades of the site

  • Safety and site orientation for crews and contractors new to the site

  • Displaying the placement of existing and proposed equipment and utilities above and below ground

  • Models representative of layouts and structures to facilitate the sequencing for moving equipment and materials on and off a site to identify bottle necks and clashes in order to avoid project delays and cost overruns

To learn more about ABC Imaging 3D Services or to talk with us about your project visit our:

email: or call: 202-667-9222 ext. 2280

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