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ABC Imaging goes 3D with the IFC World Bank Group

Print is dead. This statement is the biggest misconception that printing companies must face. Once upon a time or rather a just a decade ago, print consisted of mass producing small format printing such as brochures, flyers, newspapers, and magazines. Your mailbox and local shops were full of printed materials that gave you information and connected you with your community.

Now, people are connected digitally. You keep up with classmates through Facebook or receive your news through a smart phone. Things are no longer community focused but globally oriented, and how could print possibly keep up? That mindset is literally one dimensional, as print has evolved into a much more luxurious and innovative type of process…3D printing.

Now that the world has largely gone digital, there is a gap between being able to touch, visualize, and grasp concepts or ideas.

3D printing helps fill in these gaps and sheds the old ideas of mass production for a more valuable alternative, specialized and tailored printing.

Businesses need to be able to turn their thoughts and hard work into something tangible. ABC Imaging provides innovative 3D technology services to make abstract concepts or projects a visual reality.

3D model

Looking at infrastructure, the complex strategy and investments that go into city improvements are often frustrating or difficult for the layman to understand on both a micro and macro level. The International Finance Corporation/World Bank Group (IFC) wanted to tackle this challenge to showcase and present their city planning investment projects in Izmir, Turkey in a way that the public could comprehend and connect with. Jim Sylvester, a consultant at the IFC World Bank Group, reached out to ABC Imaging (a global printing and technology company) with the goal of doing just that. ABC Imaging built the World Bank a 3D model of the Turkish city to emphasize and pin point all of their investments in Izmir throughout the past decade.

Made with full precision and accuracy, the model is an exact scaled replica of the city. The 3D model stands on a rotating mount specially built for the client by our team. It also features a customized graphic of texts and images guiding viewers through the city’s development.

The model sits on display in the lobby of the IFC World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC.

Looking at the Izmir model, no one would ever know the technology that went into making it. Printing isn’t just production on a machine, it’s a science and process that must be precise to the letter or the model can miss the mark.

Great 3D prints starts with file preparation. First, The World Bank obtained what structural and architectural data from officials in Turkey that was available, as well as compiling a variety of city data through mapping services. While the layout even included a scaled model of the Izmir clock tower, an iconic landmark to those acquainted with the city, he did not have a detailed model file of the clock tower to draw data from. They also lacked a comprehensive file to include roads, the seaport, or terrain–all features they wished to display.

3D printing

ABC Imaging’s 3D specialists then went to work enhancing details, scaling, and preparing the model file so it could be printed by our 3D machine.

The next phase is what really makes the company’s models stand out–the customization of each aspect of the display using our specialty services. “This job was mounted on a wood display that was built with engineered plywood to give it a convex shape.

Izmir Turkey 3D Model

We used CNC milling which is a motorized program that cuts precise shapes into materials like wood, acrylic, and metal”, said Jon McHugh, ABC Imaging 3D Specialist.

To put the icing on the cake, Jon built a motorized turntable to rotate the 36” city model during display. Even the Grand Format printing division of ABC Imaging joined the mix and created an adhesive vinyl that wrapped around the model to provide information on the infrastructure investments made in Izmir by The World Bank.

It’s this eye for detail, understanding, and adapting to specific needs that attracted Jim to try ABC Imaging’s 3D printing service.

“As a first time client, we are very happy with ABC Imaging’s services. ABC Imaging stepped up to the plate and delivered a great product. Their in-house expertise, commitment to detail, and prompt delivery made this project a big success,” said Jim.

The IFC consultant also goes on to elaborate that the Izmir 3D city model has not only helped to bring awareness to the city’s programs, but it has also encouraged people to use the new IFC Cities Spark page. Their Cities Spark page is a central hub for an updated status and scope of each of IFC's city engagement projects, business development tools, interesting articles, upcoming events, and information on key players and partners of various cities.

Izmir is the third most populated city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara. It is situated on the Aegean Sea and has a population of 2.8 million and it has served as a principal mercantile city in the Mediterranean Sea region for much its 4,000 years of recorded history. Over the past decade, The World Bank has helped finance multiple infrastructure and urban development projects within Izmir due to its significance to the region.

This 3D model showcases the importance of investments in the city and also reflects the monumental accomplishments that The World Bank has brought to the foreign nation.

The World Bank is one of many examples of how modern technology and printing intersect to create valuable relationships that not only visualize workloads, but also foster relations that help businesses generate lucrative partnerships.

So you see print is not dead but has rather taken on a new shape that is sleeker, more modern, and innovative. 3D doesn’t just create models for show, 3D printing is necessary to work out design flaws for prototypes and test concepts. “Industries like manufacturing, architecture, engineering, theater, and even fashion/retail use our 3D services to not only present, but perfect their work” said Phil Magenheim, ABC Imaging Director of 3D Services.

Comment below or email our 3D Team at to learn more about how 3D and large format printing help bring value to your business.

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