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Comcast Cares Day

Congratulations on a successful Comcast Cares Day! ABC Imaging is proud to be selected to design the campaign materials for the big event.

Comcast Cares Day is a nationwide single day event that brings together Comcast employees, families, partners, non-profits, and volunteers to improve communities through diversity, sustainability, and economic empowerment.

Since its start in 2001, Comcast Cares Day has recruited thousands of volunteers who have donated millions of service hours to complete more than 7000 projects across the world. The event has grown to include two of the most prominent service oriented organizations, Global Citizen and Red Nose Day. These partnerships have allowed Comcast volunteers to expand their efforts as they impact the world.

The influence of the day can be seen nationwide, but what it doesn’t show is Comcast’s work and dedication prior to the event that makes it such a success. The most important element of mobilizing volunteers is spreading strong communications through visuals that share their story and get the community engaged. For this reason, Comcast reached out to our Creative team at ABC Imaging to design their national campaign.

“We work collaboratively with our sales team, they understand our clients and what they are looking for. They trust my Creative team to provide a tailored experience and creative ideas for all their projects,” said Fofe Rehbein Director of ABC Imaging Creative Services.

We begin the creative process by listening to the client’s goals and understanding their target audience.

This information anchors us and guides us as we develop concepts that reflect our client’s mission and goals.

Comcast needed an overall theme for their campaign, something that reflected the service projects but also captured the warmth and compassion of the volunteers. The theme we created played on the idea of using “tools of the trade”, items that might be used in the volunteer projects such as gardening, painting, and carpentry. The theme also highlighted the diverse group of volunteers ranging in age, gender, and race and symbolizing the unity and inclusiveness of the community.

It’s important to get the overall theme right, and is where most of our collaboration occurs here at ABC Imaging. By the end of end of it, we presented a few different directions for the Comcast team to choose from. Working closely at the start of the project really established communications and trust among our teams.

As with everything else, design has gone digital and we provided Comcast with Creative Services for their digital media, such as Mail Chimp templates, web banners, and digital signage as well as traditional print of items such as posters, banners, and promo items. Everything was designed within the theme to create branding consistency and unity across the materials. “It’s important to create a unified look and feel that can be translated for different events across the nation. We created the Comcast designs with flexibility in mind, and ensured they could be used in a variety of communication mediums,” said Alan Wong, Senior Designer at ABC Imaging.

The Comcast Cares Day Campaign needed to be done months in advance for the client to utilize the communications to build momentum and excitement leading up to the day.

“We included the Comcast team throughout each step of the design phase so they could be a part of the process from start to finish.

It’s also important to meet with all the necessary players involved to ensure solutions are created in line with their vision and produced on time.” said Alan.

The day generated much success and engagement from beautifying aDC middle school to assembling military care packages in California. Thousands of people came together in service across the nation for a common cause which is symbolized through these designs. “The power of branding can inspire people and affect communities nationwide. We were proud to have been able to contribute to the success of this year’s Comcast Cares Day”, said Fofe.

Reach out to our Creative Services team. We can share examples of our work and talk about how we can help tell your brand story. Also see learn more about Comcast Cares Day and how you can impact your community.

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