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ABC Imaging appears on BBC One’s flagship reality show 'The Apprentice'

London-based ABC Imaging appeared on BBC One’s flagship reality show 'The Apprentice' on Nov 10th. Our debut appears in week six of the reality show hosted by Lord Alan Sugar.

The task involved teams having to source and negotiate a number of items over the course of a day.

One of the items was a printed poster of an image of a London landmark. The Apprentice's team Titan approached ABC Imaging at around 5:15 am with an image of London Bridge to be printed.

ABC Imaging sales executive Adam Cann led the negotiations for the production of an A1 poster. The poster was then printed in five minutes on ABC Imaging's Océ Colourwave. Cann's brush with celebrity is now over but the good work continues! You can catch him at the London-based ABC Imaging shop most weekdays.

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