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Case Study: ABC Imaging's BPOL-NG Cloud Computing System Accelerates Construction Firm's Inf

BPOL-NG is ABC Imaging's cloud computing system created to connect your design, accounting, construction and facilities management departments during large-scale projects. One of the world's most prominent project management and construction companies used BPOL-NG to improve efficiency during projects by digitally archiving closeout documentation.


Before this company switched to BPOL-NG, they were using manual methods of printing, filing and storing boxes of closeout documentation. They were looking for a more streamlined and reliable search and retrieval system.

Specific goals included:

  • Eliminating the labor-extensive process of filing, boxing and labeling documents to be stored on and off-site

  • Preventing important documents from being lost or misplaced

  • Reducing the time required to retrieve documents

  • Simplifying the process of copying and mailing documents

  • Reducing the amount of space required for document storage

  • Speeding up the time required to transfer documents internally


The professionals at ABC Imaging partnered with a select project team to show them how they could simplify their existing workflows, which were document-intensive and required lots of manual effort. A pilot project was created that set up a user-friendly digital search and retrieval system matching the company's existing file format protocol.


After the pilot digital system was successfully implemented, the company saw several improvements to their document procedure for project closeouts:

  • Created secure data accessible from any network

  • Mirrored the system's naming conventions to streamline the transition

  • Trained staff to access and manage data through specialized tools

  • Established one-touch document retrieval

  • Enhanced security with critical backup systems

  • Improved the transfer of documents between teams

  • Mitigated risk of lost or misplaced files

About ABC Imaging

The foundation of ABC's scanning and archiving system is a well-tuned network of powerful large and small document scanners. This network allows large amounts of documents to be scanned and processed quickly. ABC handles every step of the process, from scanning and indexing to database delivery.

For over 30 years, ABC Imaging has been serving the needs of clients, from printing to document scanning to architectural modeling. Throughout over 30 locations worldwide including London, Dubai and Shanghai, abiding by our motto of "Impress every client, every time," has allowed us to consistently grow and form strong relationships with long-term clients.

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