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Silicone Edge Designs or (SEG) is printed utilizing a color sublimation process and sewn around the edges with a thin silicone strip (or Gasket). The edges of the completed texture are embedded into a recessed furrow around the border of the encircling framework. The outcome is an upscale frameless appearance, that shows a drum tight texture realistic from edge to edge.


Silicone Edge Illustrations and Texture Surrounding Frameworks have the ability for impactful signage  that can be rotated rapidly allowing visual change the captures even the most casual observer. All edges can be twofold, unsupported with help feet, or roof suspended. Printed and manufactured in any size the choices are limitless.


Utilizing our cutting edge coordinate color sublimation printing process, texture designs show an energetic shading thickness that is unmatched by any printer. Our professional team members have extensive experience in color saturation and visualization are produced to exact rendering without fail. 


Silicone Edge Texture is simpler to ship and store than customary signage applications. Collapsed perfectly, texture takes up considerably less space than an unbending substrate. The confining framework is straightforward making it simple to dismantle and transport. 


Silicone Edge Surrounding Frameworks show texture illustrations with a frameless appearance that is well known with upscale scenes. Once the texture is extended rigid over the expulsion and the silicone gasket is tucked into the channel grooves around outline, impact is complete.

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