Pipe & Drape

Raise the curtains on your event

Pipe and drape alludes to pipe (aluminum or steel), settled or flexible extending vertical uprights upheld by a weighted steel base, and customizable adaptive

or settled horizontals that furnish a wrap bolster outline with removable drape

boards. Pipe and drape is utilized to separation, stow away, as well as embellish a space briefly.


At the point when the framework is utilized for display purposes and utilized rather than the conventional shell conspire choice form time and breakdown time is essentially lessened. Pipe and drape is an awesome method for adding shading to what might ordinarily be a moderately plain backdrop. 


Regularly utilized as public expo stalls, in tents, in expansive meal lobbies and

in front of an audience; pipe and drape conceals the diverting highlights of the

less engaging divider or window behind it. Pipe and drape is detached so perfect as room dividers, show window ornament backdrape, organize showy

scenery, providing food walkway wrap and wrap allotments.


Pipe and drape is utilized much of the time with home organizing, weddings,

form appears, shows, inside outline, and in the theater and on-set on TV

projects and motion pictures.


Corners require two unique sizes of drape: 8' long drape which hangs between

8' high uprights and 3' long drape which hangs between 3' uprights and the 3' opening on 8' uprights.

Pipe and Drape is simple to setup with most utilizing button lock pipe system

just as the popup tents you see at sporting events.  Other systems use a

clamping mechanism that provides additional structural strength for the  drape.

 All come with simple bases that allow you secure them with additional weight

if needed.

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