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Counter Displays


Point of Purchase Sale Merchandising Fixtures

Point of sale graphics are a great way to maximize the utility of your in-store real estate to inform your customers of new or expanding product lines. ABC Imaging offers a wide array of imaging options including tags, banners, stands, and more to make sure you reach your audience through the most effective means possible.  A unique opportunity for product marketing is the endcap to an aisle or the space at the end of retail shelving units. Endcaps are prime real estate in retail environments due to their accessibility to customers and are often leased out to brands in larger establishments for that purpose. Maximizing their impact in your location can be an extremely effective tool for your sales and ABC can help. Whether through personalized graphics or even a unique custom fabricated display piece, ABC is there to ensure you maximize your product’s exposure.  


Communication with customers and advertising to attract potential clients are key elements of any commercial business plan. ABC Imaging offers a wide variety of solutions and products that help boost product or brand recognition in any environment. Stock and custom graphics and banners, brochure holders, poster frames and hangers, digital signage stands and mounts are only a few of the many advertising display accessories available to our customers.

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May I Help You?

Our Expert Staff is standing 
by and waiting to assist you.

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