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CNC Routing

Give your design dimension

Match complex printed images to CNC cut paths with extreme accuracy to

create complex 2D and even 3D design elements.

Our many signage materials include:


Acrylic panels also know as plexiglass, lucite, plastic glass give a glass like

appearance with impact resistance of more than 15 times glass.  Sheets can

be ordered in a multitude of colors and dimensions.


HDPE  is high density polyethylene thermoplastic.  This material is used in

hardhats and housewraps.  The thickness can vary from 0.125” to 2”.

Very versatile material that prints and machines very well.  HDPE resistant

to dents, scratches, rust, corrosion, and even graffiti.


Aluminum plate is a solid statement for all signage. Light weight but grand in design the look of aluminum cannot be matched by other materials.
We use 5021 and 6061 sheets and plates.


Plywood is a layered wood product glued together to create a stronger

substraight than solid wood alone.  Plywood is the preferred material
where strength and longevity are the key to performance.  Yard signs are commonly made from plywood.  

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