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Channel Lettering

Illuminate your message

Channel Letters, also referred to as dimensional letters, are customizable metal or plastic letters, sometimes illuminated and sometimes not, that are commonly used as exterior signage on storefronts, strip malls, public buildings and offices. They are easy to install and independently mounted to a wall or raceway, an attachment platform for the letters, that carries electrical power Channel Letters are the perfect medium for defining look and location, as well as promoting visibility–helping customers locate a business quickly as they can be seen from a distance. And as they are often used as directional signs they easily get people where they need to be.

Channel Letters are identified by the 3D nature of the item and can be made of many different materials. Although, often the letters are made of aluminum and acrylic as, most importantly, this combination is versatile and long lasting.   While many retail locations require a standardized channel letter sign for visibility and uniformity, the design of channel letters is limited by only your imagination.  Along with material, channel Letters can have varied fonts, styles, sizes, colors and illumination options. . An alternative to Channel Letters is a Reverse Channel Letter Sign. While similar to Channel Letters in that you have a sign comprising individual letters that are independently mounted to a wall or other surface with their own light source, the illumination of the letters carries with it a different effect. Reverse Channel Letter Signage has lights mounted behind the letters that face the building exterior as opposed to the front facing option, creating a “halo effect” surrounding each character. Lights illuminate the space around the channel letters rather than the channel letters themselves, producing a “reverse” lighting effect.

Channel letters are  very often the first thing your customer sees of your business; the first impression you make regarding your location or brand and you only have one chance to make that impression count. Choosing signage for your business is important, so contact your local ABC Imaging to find out more about ways Channel Letters can make you stand out. Our sign experts are here to help no matter how big or small to project may be!

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