Temporary Modular Walls

Entirely produced and assembled in the USA

 Our temporary modular walls allow you to quickly subdivide larger spaces without damaging
the surrounding area. Popular uses include subdividing large open spaces like gyms, auditoriums, or dining areas into smaller classroom spaces. Temporary walls can be installed and removed in
as little as a few hours and optional graphics allow you to create a well-branded environment
for students and faculty. 


 Fits any environment 

Constructed from durable modern materials, featuring a hard-wearing surface with a subtle flexibility, our barricades can withstand impact that would damage traditional sheetrock walls.


 Create additional classrooms 

Can be installed in one night, 

compared to 4 to 5-night process 

for drywall/sanding/painting.


 Modular wall installation 

The seams in our modular enclosure systems are especially engineered to minimize dust and sound pollution,

leaving the front facing side
dust and debris free.


Optional door

ABC imaging can add doors, facades,

and windows to any configuration

of temporary modular walls.


 Up to 30ft high by any width 

Our barricades can be customized to the exact dimensions of your specific location. Our modular units can be stacked to virtually any height and or rolled corners can be formed around tight corners.


 Easy installation

The skin is Class A fire rated, 

easily cleaned, and safe to touch. 

Pre-fabricated panels save on 

construction budget. 


Our temporary rental walls create isolated and/or subdivided areas without  the mess of sheetrock/

spackle/sanding/painting. Our in-house teams will

deliver and install the partition walls and remove

when the project is completed. 

Compared to traditional drywall alternatives, 

or modular system saves time, money, and damage

to the surrounding area. 

Class A-1 Fire Rated


Dust-Resistant Seams

Up to 30 feet high