ABC Imaging goes 3D with the IFC World Bank Group

May 3, 2017

Print is dead. This statement is the biggest misconception that printing companies must face. Once upon a time or rather a just a decade ago, print consisted of mass producing small format printing such as brochures, flyers, newspapers, and magazines. Your mailbox and local shops were full of printed materials that gave you information and connected you with your community.


Now, people are connected digitally. You keep up with classmates through Facebook or receive your news through a smart phone. Things are no longer community focused but globally oriented, and how could print possibly keep up? That mindset is literally one dimensional, as print has evolved into a much more luxurious and innovative type of process…3D printing.


Now that the world has largely gone digital, there is a gap between being able to touch, visualize, and grasp concepts or ideas.


3D printing helps fill in these gaps and sheds the old ideas of mass production for a more valuable alternative, specialized and tailored printing.


Businesses need to be able to turn their thoughts and hard work into something tangible. ABC Imaging provides innovative 3D technology services to make abstract concepts or projects a visual reality.


Looking at infrastructure, the complex strategy and investments that go into city improvements are often frustrating or difficult for the layman to understand on both a micro and macro level. The International Finance Corporation/World Bank Group (IFC) wanted to tackle this challenge to showcase and present their city planning investment projects in Izmir, Turkey in a way that the public could comprehend and connect with. Jim Sylvester, a consultant at the IFC World Bank Group, reached out to ABC Imaging (a global printing and technology company) with the goal of doing just that. ABC Imaging b