ABC Imaging’s Interactive & Fabrication division specializes in creating innovatively engaging environments. We strive to create retail landscapes that captivate shoppers, leading them to shop for longer, share their experience with friends, and return more often. From the inception and initial design all the way through the eventual installation, we are your partner in creating irresistible experiential environments.


Custom Fabrication

Our hand-crafted custom fabrications are one of the best ways to add experiential value to your retail location. Give your customers something to take pictures of and share on social media, create innovative product displays, and boost customer engagement and return visits through unique custom installations.

Hologram Technology

Use one of the most innovative imaging techniques available to engage your customers. Create a virtual greeter or waiter or even have a celebrity interact with your customers "in person." Integrate your hologram with interactive or object recognition technology to create a uniquely immersive customer experience.


Object Recognition

Provide your customers a cutting edge medium to learn more about specific products with custom fabricated object recognition displays. Using object recognition, you both engage customers with interesting tech and create highly targeted direct marketing opportunities based on individual preference at the point of purchase - a perfect combination for retailers looking to create experiential environments that sell effectively.

Virtual Reality

Use Virtual Reality to take your customer experience to the next dimension. Using this technology it is possible for customers to experience locations that aren't possible to replicate in store. Perfect for demonstrating real estate, large scale products, and vacation locations.


Custom Video Content

Create commercial content, in-store displays, testimonials, corporate overviews and more with ABC Imaging’s media division 12:01 Productions. We offer pre through post production services including everything from conceptualization and scripting all the way through editing the final cut.

Custom commercial and testimonial content produced by 12:01 Productions:

Dye Sublimation

Make use of one of the most vivid and durable imaging techniques available today in dye sublimation printing. Dye sublimation is unique in that it infuses the dye into the material rather than simply printing on top like is seen with conventional printing, creating a vivid image that never washes off. This allows for a product with unprecedented vibrancy and durability and can include prints on anything from metal, to wood, and even glass.