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Packaging & Prototyping

Elevate your Products



Packaging is your product.

From concept through shelf, every step of the process must create maximum impact for your packaging while protecting your brand’s integrity.

With studios in major metropolitan centers across the world, ABC's Packaging and Prototyping Division is a proven industry leader in fulfilling the vision of your brand packaging. From early concepts and intricate prototypes, through beautiful photography and prepress separations, we carefully guide your package through the entire development and execution process.



From the early stages of your product’s design and development, through each step that leads to your consumers’ hands, our experienced artists help you craft the perfect packaging to elevate your brand’s identity.


Whether it’s a completely new package design or a simple brand refresh or line extension, our designers utilize their combined skills to deliver what you need. For all aspects of creative work, ABC is the ideal partner.



We believe the prototype process is a collaborative partnership with our clients, not just a service. Far beyond creating a pretty package, our process delves deep into uncovering how to bring your brand to life through color, form and design.

Our experienced teams enable you to bridge the gap between vision and market fulfillment, guiding you through critical decisions along the way while delivering across the entire prototype spectrum.



Our studio has long provided product and packaging clients with world-class photography. Our multi-set capabilities combined with specialized photographers guarantee to deliver top-tier images. Our clients streamline their end process considerably, saving expenses, and have increased control over their final result.


Production Art

Production art is where the worlds of art and precision meet. Where we take design intent, and bring it to life. Every element is authored with the same aesthetic sensibility we bring to all packaging disciplines, complemented by a deeply experienced team managing the critical details, large and small.



Accuracy and consistency. Two standards we live by, and absolute requirements for creating print-ready files.

Our prepress teams and color experts ensure our clients’ art files are produced with predictable results, regardless of the substrate or printing process.



We have made significant investments in adopting the right packaging support tools for our clients. Each system is integrated into a specifically designed process that puts the customer at the center of everything we do. We allow you to review and track your important brand assets during the packaging development process — efficiently and securely.