Emergency Products for COVID-19

In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, ABC Imaging has dedicated some of our resources to assist our

client’sand general public with emergency products and services to help combat this horrible crisis. 

All of our 30+ ABC Imaging domestic locations are producing emergency directional and way-finding

signage, banners, graphics and printing services.


Additionally, our entire inventory of modular partitions are available for applications such as:

pop-up hospitals, emergency triage units, shopping malls, airports, etc. These partitions
are cleanable and sanitary and can be shipped and/or installed anywhere. 


Lastly, our manufacturing teams have been producing COVID 19 face shields for municipalities,

healthcare facilities, airports, among a host of other applications.  


Please contact ABC Imaging should you need any of our products and services.

We can be reached at;  abcsales@abcimaging.com

Medi Falsafi,

President and CEO,

ABC Imaging

If you have any questions or requests on how we may be able to better serve you during this trying time, please contact us through any of the links below:

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