Temporary Modular Walls





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With this fast-evolving crisis, you need to be able to create a functional facility in as short a time frame as possible. We offer a full-service solution to help set up temporary facilities with signage, wayfinding, and temporary walls. Our expert install team can have a dramatic impact on your location overnight so you can be visible and fully functional as soon as possible.


No Spackle, No Paint, No Mess

Our modular barricade panels connect seamlessly, and don’t require the spackling or sand joints that create clouds of dust. The panels come in a neutral color so no painting is required. Custom graphics are easily applied to the surface, creating a truly dramatic barricade.

Scuff Resistant & Easy to Clean

Scuffs and bumps are an inevitable part of construction barricades. Our scuff-resistant, textured surface provides superior protection. Minor scuffs and scrapes simply blend in to the neutrally colored material and are easily washed away with soap and water.

Dust Resistant Seams

Our barricade panels have an integrated seal
that creates an impenetrable dust barrier and

reduces construction noise.


Quick Installation

Our quick locking system is ingenious in its simplicity. No specialized tools are required to construct complex barricade designs. A two-person team can assemble over 300 linear feet of construction barricades in one evening.

Fast & Easy Removal

The same ingenuity that makes our barricades easy to construct, also allows for quick and painless removal once the barricades are no longer needed. Our modular system leaves no unsightly holes, scuffs, or marks on the property so your retail location will be ready to take on customers immediately.

Maximize Efficiency

Our barricades can be completely customized to suit your needs and maximize construction efficiency. If you have any special requirements, just speak with an ABC Imaging representative and we will see how we can help bring your vision to life.


Virtually Indestructible

Constructed from durable modern materials, featuring a hard-wearing surface with a subtle flexibility, our barricades can withstand impact that would damage traditional sheetrock walls.

Double Doors

Our barricades can be equipped with perfectly flush double doors and fully hinged panels. These custom outfitted entry points allow large contractor items in and out of the work site easily. This unique option is only possible because of the tremendous strength of our materials and is rarely offered in the industry. Single and barn storage doors are also available.

Impenetrable Barrier

The seams in our modular enclosure systems are especially engineered to minimize dust and sound pollution, leaving the customer-facing side beautiful and debris free.

Internal Walls

Our barricade systems are a perfect option to create dividing walls without the permanence of drywall. They can remain in place for as long or as short a time span as you would like and can be re-arranged as needed.

Completely Customizable

Our barricades can be customized to the exact dimensions of your specific location. Our modular units can be stacked to virtually any height and our rolled corners can be formed around corners as tight as a 17-inch radius, allowing
us to create your ideal aesthetic configuration with ease.

Environmentally Sound

Our next generation barricades are environmentally friendly. Our barricades are constructed from materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Even after their useful life, the aluminum framing in our barricades can be fully recycled and the textured surface material can be recycled into new products.