ABC Imaging Barricades & Hoardings

Barricades / Hoardings


Our patented modular enclosure or "Barricade" system is one of the most versatile tools available to commercial property owners and developers. Whether you need to enclose an active construction zone, temporarily subdivide a larger space, or simply partition any kind of environment, ABC Barricades afford the robust versatility to do so effectively and elegantly.

Large Format Graphics

We leverage our extensive experience in large format graphic production to deliver high-quality imagery to go along with our barricades or as a standalone product. We use a variety of materials to create vivid and durable graphics for applications ranging from interior & exterior walls, to floors, windows, and more. 

Retail Activations 

We specialize in creating custom fabricated displays for flagship retail locations.

Our Recent Projects:


School Classrooms

We used ABC Barricades to create temporary subdivisions within larger spaces to help schools create safer, appropriately distanced environments for children.

Industry Applications


Malls/Shopping Centers

Perhaps the most recognizable use of barricades is in malls and shopping centers as devices to conceal construction or tenant vacancy. ABC Barricades can be tailored to nearly any storefront application with features including curved panels, single and double doors, and stackable modular panels that can reach virtually any height.



Architects are envisioning airports that rival the 

lavish destinations rather than a means of getting 

there. We are excited to build these walls with 

stunning graphics to highlight the end result! 



Kiosks and Partitions are ideal for these areas
to cover unsightly construction

equipment and raw space with ease. 



When we say no job too big or small, we mean 

it! Our team has scaled city skyscrapers, built 

walls on the busy streets of Manhattan, and 

even built a custom wall in a parking deck! 

Latest Projects>>



Create Wxtra classrooms, quickly subdivide larger spaces without damaging the surrounding area. Create space by subdividinglargeopen spaces like gyms, auditoriums, or dining areas into smaller classroom spaces. 

Latest Projects>>


Luxury Partitions

In some cases, a standard wall panel will not do.
When form is just as important as function,
we designed a clear, durable plexiglass
partial wall for complete visibility. 

Latest Projects>>