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3D Modeling / Rapid Prototyping - ABC Imaging
Contact us or call 202.429.8870, x124 or 202.438.8894 for more information about 3D physical modeling or rapid prototyping, pricing, and delivery.
"We just got the model and we all were pleased with the output of your service. The model and site were both great and even [the] color was better than we expected. We hope [to keep] in touch with you and keep working together. Thank you for your elaborate work."

Boulder Associates

3D models or rapid prototypes are the perfect tool to make winning presentations and design reviews

Impress clients with physical models and prototypes fabricated by the experts in our 3D Modeling / Rapid Prototyping group. Using state of the art 3D printers, ABC Imaging converts your idea—from 2D or 3D CAD systems or from a sketch—into physical models for presentations, design reviews displays, or prototype designs.


  • Print models in color—no painting required
  • Add text, arrows, and texture maps to models
  • Project topographical features into the models using satellite imagery or digital mapping data


  • Communicate your product or idea physically
  • Check the fit and function of a product before production
  • Get your model in hours…not weeks
3D printing allows you to communicate design concepts using physical models—not the back of a napkin. Prototypes can include functional components such as gears, fasteners, and other mechanical parts.

Our 3D Modeling / Rapid Prototyping group uses both Z Corporation™ and Dimension™ 3D printers. With either type of printer, we can create stacked models when your model exceeds the printer build size.

You will be surprised at the speed and affordability of 3D printing. These two factors make models a tool that can help architects and engineers convey their ideas during project design reviews. With a 3D model, a contractor can accurately convey a mechanical layout requirement to a subcontractor and avoid costly rework.

We continue to add machines to our stores across the US to allow us to provide the fast and professional service you expect from ABC Imaging. For more information about 3D physical modeling or rapid prototyping, pricing, and delivery contact or call 202.429.8870, x124 or 202.438.8894.

Use our free 3D estimator for a quote for your model View samples of Z Corporation 3D Model View samples of Dimension 3D Model
Some professions using 3D printing and their applications include

  • Architecture—Interior and exterior designs, building sites with accurate topographical features, precision geometry study models
  • Medicine—molecular models, anatomical models, prosthetics, medical equipment
  • Product design—toys, electronic control panels and components, packaging, tools